Allahabad HC Judgments on Service Matters

Order DateCase No.Petitioner Vs. RespondentDescriptionResultView
23/01/2023WRIA(A)_18121_2022Aslam Ali Siddiquisuspension order should not ordinarily exceedallowed View
13/12/2023WRIA(A)_16769_2023Ashutosh Dubeythree monthsView
03/11/2023WRIA(L)/7161/2023Kamla Pati Chaudharydept inquiryView
02/03/2023WRIA(A)/847/2023Yatendra Kumar Sharma (Pet.) low strengthView
25/05/2023WRIA(L)/3989/2023State of UP Vs Kamleshwar Kashyap overratingView
25/5/2018WRIA(A)/12708/2018State of UP Vs Dhruv Bhushan Dubey liquor deathView
23/08/2010SERB(L)/1191/2010Bankey Lal Gupta (Res.) Rule 10 of the UP Government Servant (Disciplinary and Appeals) Rules, 1999View